What is a Classroom Document Camera used for?

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Mirabox® classroom document camera is an amazing tool that allows students to have a more dynamic and interactive classroom. Regardless of the subject you are teaching, document cameras will help you make the most out of any lesson plan by allowing you to move past the whiteboard and into the world of three dimensional shapes.

Out with the Old
  • No messy transparencies
  • No old maps that wear out over time
  • Use blank sheets of paper
  • More convenient, less expensive
  • Replaces overhead projectors
Quick Answers

Classroom document camera can be an efficient tool to:

  • Display notes and math problems
  • Maps
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Zoom into specific details you want to present
  • Share articles and clips without having to spend money on copies

The 3rd Dimension in Document Cameras

The most exciting aspect of using document cameras in the classroom is the extra dimension that it brings to your presentation. In addition to showing notes and written materials to your classroom with your document camera, you can display three-dimensional objects as well. 

  • Science Classes - students can see the teacher dissecting a frog that is displayed so that all of the class can easily see. Or, you can show the difference between beetles and butterflies in a unique, new way.
  • Geometry Classes - use your document camera to add a 3D twist to the complicated world of pyramids, cones and cylinders.
  • Geology Classes - teachers can show up-close and personal different types and textures of rocks.
  • Art Classes - Students can watch and see more clearly techniques on molding clay and making perfect brush strokes.

Using Captured Images from Document Cameras

For document cameras equipped with image capture, image capture can be an wonder teaching tool

  • Capture images from the class, such as that dissected frog, and use them as auxiliary materials for study guides and tests.
  • Put exactly what the students previously saw under the camera on a test
  • Incorporate into PowerPoint presentations
  • Use on school web sites as a study guide.


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