🤩Simple method to transform an existing CarPlay system into a wireless system. Not need to disassemble, plug, and play immediately.

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Mirabox USB Wireless CarPlay Adapter compatible with factory carplay cars and it works every iPhone from the 5 (running iOS 7.1) all the way up to the 12 Pro MAX.

Original Car Control

Original Car Contol
  • Mirabox Wireless CarPlay Adapter is perfect compatible with your original car control method such as screen touch, buttons and knob.
  • Support Voice Control,you can call Siri contactlessly using bluetooth, make voice calls, online navigation , and listen music during driving.

How to use Wireless CarPlay Dongle

How to use Wireless CarPlay


  • 1.Before connecting the wired to wireless box,please confirm that the device you are currently using supports wired connection to iPhone CarPlay.
  • 2.The box is connected to the corresponding interface that can be connected to the phone (Some cars have multiple USB ports, there may only be one that can connect to a mobile phone, usually marked.)


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