Best Capture Card for PS4: Cheers to The Start of Your Streaming Journey!

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If you want to venture into the world of game streaming, then you have come to the right place. Sure, you already have your PS4, trusty controllers, a reliable headset and a microphone, but is that enough? Although you seemingly have everything you need, you still lack an essential component; the best capture card for your PS4.

Remember that streaming is not a small industry. As a matter of fact according to Streamlabs and Newzoo [1] Twitch has reached a total of 87.3M total hours watch in Q3 2019. That is why if you want to join this huge trend, you’d want to broadcast and record your game in the best way possible. If you are worried because you have no idea what to look for, then fret not. This article contains the best capture for PlayStation, Xbox, and PCSo, sit back and read on!

What is a PS4 Capture Card?

A capture card is a necessary part of every streamer’s gaming arsenal, especially to those who use consoles. These allow you to record your gameplay on consoles like the PS4 and computers like PC and Mac in the most dependable way possible.

Now, you don’t have to agonize about dropping resolutions and other hassles in capturing or transferring your gaming footage. That is what you call efficiency and convenience!

Why Do Need a Capture Card for PS4?

Still not convinced. Then here are the advantages of owning one!

No Time Limit

One of the best things about having a capture card is that you don’t have to worry about any time limit. For example, PS4’s built-in record function lets you record a maximum of 15-minutes per footage, right? That is a bit limited, especially if you are planning on having longer video clips. However, this isn’t the case with capture cards because there is no time limit whatsoever. 

Better Quality

Another impressive thing about capture cards is that you can modify all recording variables according to your preferences. This lets you get your desired resolution, now you can record in 2K or even 4K without problems. You can even tweak the bit rate or set a custom frame rate to boost performance. Owning a capture card is all about having full control over how your stream will look. You don’t worry about storage as well, because capture cards have large storage capacities.

Better Editing

Capture cards are not limited to recording high-quality videos and storing them. They are also designed to take care of your editing needs, the professional way. Bundled with advanced editing software capture cards lets you create polished videos.

MiraBox (HVS321) USB 3.0 HDMI Capture Card

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 Mirabox® 2021 Real 4K USB3.0 Capture Card

A  Capture Card that Makes Everything Simple

  • Simple and very easy to use,Supports 60fps capture
  • You can play in 4K while recording
  • Has zero latency
  • High compatibility as it works on all major gaming consoles and PC

    Things to Consider When Choosing a PS4 Capture Card

    Image Quality

    The first thing you need to consider when choosing a capture card is the image quality that it can produce. This is what capture cards are made for, right? Thus, it makes sense to prioritize this above anything else.

    Budget capture cards usually have 1080p at 30fps record limits, with 30fps being the supported frames per second. Meanwhile, some offer 4k at 60fps video quality, but these come at a cost. This means that cards like this can capture footage, which is four times better than the 1080p cards.

    Input Options

    Take note of the card’s input options. After all, this determines their compatibility with your device. Some only work with specific operating systems such as Windows or Mac, while some have an HDMI input making them compatible with consoles. If you’re a console gamer, you should choose one that has HDMI inputs.

    Software and User Interface

    The user interface of the capture card’s software should also be user-friendly. It shouldn’t, however, be too simplistic as this would mean a lack of features. Instead, it should be jam-packed with features, both advanced and necessary, but organized adequately in a minimalistic fashion.

    This is important, especially that you’re going to edit your video clips and tinker with its resolution and FPS variables. This is also what allows you to stream, add commentary, and add other features to your videos.


    The price of the capture card you’re getting is essential. Remember, the price is where your budget depends on. It doesn’t mean that the more expensive the card is, the better its performance and quality are. The same thing applies for budget-friendly options because it doesn’t immediately mean that they’re substandard in class. Do your research, scrutinize the specs, company background, and user reviews. Don’t depend solely on the price.

    How video capture card work with ps4, switch, xbox.

    PS4 Streaming Checklist

    With live streaming becoming one of the most popular forms of gaming content creation, the community of streamers spans from massive personalities such as Ninja to small and up and coming amateurs. While at one point streaming was exclusive to those with the technology, experience, and know how to accomplish it, the introduction of streaming friendly tech products and programs have made it easier than ever to get your games on the web. Giving you the option to stream from a number of consoles, icnluding the popular PlayStation 4, you can broadcast HD footage straight from your console to a wide range of streaming platforms.

    Below is the essential checklist to get you off the ground when attempting to live stream your PS4 games.

    PC And Capture Card

    The most important aspect when beginning the process of putting together a live stream, having a capture card and PC to produce your stream will be a necessary component. Capture card are devices built to capture and record video sources from HDMI components, which includes most of the popular gaming consoles such as the PS4. Either directly recording the video feed, or simply transferring this feed to your PC, these devices are the backbone of creating any gaming stream.

    There are two main form factors when considering capture cards:

    Motherboard Based Capture Cards

    The higher end option in terms of capture cards, these are placed internally into your PC. Connected via PCI Express slot onto your motherboard, these will include HDMI inputs that extend to the back of your PC case. Each with their own specifications, these may include multiple slots, differing frame rates, and a range of maximum resolutions supported.

    External Capture Cards

    Similar in functionality to the above mentioned PCI Express form factor capture cards, these will support a wide range of resolutions and frame rates. However, these will be external devices that you can plug into your computer. These are great if you don’t have the ability to add internal hardware to your PC, if you stream from a laptop, or plan on streaming from multiple computers.

    Camera and Microphone

    Another key element to live streaming, the ability to overlay a video and audio feed of yourself playing has become standard among most gaming streamers. While this isn’t completely necessary to stream your game footage, adding the human element has traditionally propelled most successful streamers with their personality and added entertainment. As far as cameras are concerned, there are two main options:

    • Standard USB Webcams
    • DSLR Cameras

    As a new streamer you will probably be inclined to invest in a webcam in the early stages. These will plug in via USB to your PC, with options for HD video and easy mounting. For those who are looking to further invest in the production quality of your stream, you can also implement high end DSLR cameras for higher end camera footage.

    Accompanying your video, implementing a high quality microphone will do wonders for the commentary aspect of your gaming. These can be headset mounted microphones, standalone microphones, as well as microphones mounted on boom arms. In addition to the microphone inputs, utilizing an audio mixer will give you the ability to adjust the various levels of audio that are ultimately produced into your final stream. This includes game audio from your PS4, sound effects from your PC, audio from your microphone, and any other audio sources you may have.

    Streaming Software and Additional Programs

    While you may have all the equipment to get your PS4 games and video feeds streamed into your computer, piecing them together and streaming it to the platform of your choice will be the final step. OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is the most popular and easiest program to connect your stream to the web. Not only does it have easy integration into platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, it also has powerful broadcasting tools to make use of while live.

    The ability to add transitions between scenes, graphic overlays, animations, and much more will be possible within OBS. Additional software you may find helpful includes:

    • Streamlabs
    • Adobe Creative Suite

    Additional Stream Enhancements

    Aside from putting together an eye catching graphics, combining your webcam footage, game footage, microphone and sound effect audio, and chat interaction, here are a couple of additional tips to keep in mind:

    • Green Screen: One of the most popular techniques for streamers, they will often utilize a green screen behind them within their webcam footage. This will allow for easier integration with your game footage, allowing you to simply key out the background so you are only in frame.
    • Lighting And Webcam Framing: Properly lighting your webcam footage can further improve the “professional” look of your stream, in addition to having a properly framed and clear webcam placement. Additionally, you can also decorate the background of your stream room, further improving the overall aesthetic.

    Starting your streaming journey is fun but is also filled with ups and downs. That is why it is crucial to arm yourself to the teeth. After all, who goes to war without well-stocked weapons?

    That is why investing in a capture card is one of the best preparations that you can do before embarking on your streaming journey. It’s actually a fun-filled experience, streaming that is. This is especially true when your audience begins to grow, and you notice how a community is building right in front of your eyes. That is why you must make sure that you don’t just pump out quality content, but you are also considerate of your equipment.

    It doesn’t matter if you stream as a hobby or looking at is as a steady flow of income, what matters is you love your audience and community as much as you love your own content.


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