ShuOne pencil sharpener


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Dual Power Source for Uninterrupted Use

The ShuOne pencil sharpener boasts a dual power source, combining the convenience of USB and battery operation. When batteries run low, simply switch to USB power for continuous sharpening. This feature ensures the sharpener is always ready, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.


Superior Craftsmanship and Reliable Quality

Experience the difference with ShuOne's tungsten steel blades. These meticulously crafted blades offer exceptional durability and sharpness, resisting wear and tear for long-lasting performance. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship that ShuOne brings to every product.


Adjustable Blade for Perfect Sharpness

With ShuOne's adjustable blade system, you can easily tailor the sharpness of your pencils to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a fine point for detailed work or a broader tip for general use, this sharpener has you covered.


Easy-to-Clean, Transparent Shavings Collector

Say goodbye to messy desks and dirty hands. The ShuOne pencil sharpener features a transparent shavings collector, making it easy to see when it's time to empty. This user-friendly design simplifies maintenance and keeps your workspace clean.


Effortless Sharpening with a Single Finger

Designed with ease of use in mind, the ShuOne sharpener allows you to sharpen pencils effortlessly with just one finger. This feature is especially helpful for children, enabling them to sharpen pencils independently and develop their autonomy.


Extended Blade Life with Tungsten Steel

ShuOne's tungsten steel blades are not only durable but also offer an extended lifespan. Capable of sharpening up to 100 pencils, these blades can be easily replaced, ensuring your sharpener remains effective and efficient for years to come.


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 103 x 77 x 77 mm (including packaging)

Pencil Diameter Compatibility: 6.5 mm to 8 mm

Color: Green

Suitable for Round, Triangular, and Hexagonal Pencil Shapes

Core Features: Tungsten steel blade, 100-pencil sharpening capacity, easy blade replacement, suitable for colored pencils

Adjustable Settings: Three levels for customized sharpening

Blade Durability: 15 times longer life, dual-screw blade fixation for enhanced stability