HSV351 HDMI EXTENDER over Fiber/Optical


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This product extend FULL HD HDMI signal over a single optical cable, without any video loss and time delay, up to 1920*1080@60Hz. It is a stable, efficient and high-Performance HDMI extender.


1. Extend FULL HD HDMI signal over a single fiber cable or double fiber cables up to 20KM.
2. No video loss, no time delay.
3. Comply with HDMI 1.3 Standard.
4. Automatically recognize and set different display mode.
5. High-bandwidth tranmission ensures video/image more fluent, sharp and stable.
6. Built-in ESD protection circuit, make sure performance safer.
7. Easy installation, plag and play, no setting required.

Technical Specification
Video  Protocal supported HDMI1.3;HDCP1.4
Pixel bandwidth 270-750MHz, default setting: 350MHZ 
Interface bandwidth 10.2Gbpz
Resolution supported 1080p@60Hz / 1080p@50Hz / 1080p@30Hz / 1080p@25Hz
720p@60Hz / 720p@50Hz / 480p@60Hz
Port HDMI Female type
Impedance  100 Ω
Recommended HDMI maximum input and output distance Less than 5meters @ 1920*1080 @ 60Hz
SFP Fiber Optical interface LC interface(single fiber or double fiber)
Optical type Single Mode Fiber
Wavelength Single Mode Fiber 1310nm/1550nm
Interface bandwidth 1.25 Gbpz
Typical transmission distance Single mode: Up to 20KM  @1920*1080 @ 60Hz
Others Power  DC12V
Comsumption MAX 3W
Working temperture -5℃~+75℃
Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH(Non-condensing)
Size 100*65*23mm
Warrenty 12 months