Mirabox USB Document Camera/Webcam/Visualizer for Teachers - Work with Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook for Live Demo, Web Conferencing, Distance Learning, Remote Teaching, Object Viewing


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Product Description

15 Megapixel camera for superior image clarity】the 15 MP Sony Sensor captures real-time High Definition images (3840 x 2160 at 30 fps), and up to 15 megapixels (3840 x 2880 at 15 fps), allowing for crystal-clear images on any size screen, including wall projectors. Dual-mode autofocus (continuous, single time) quickly shifts focus between moving/static objects, while the macro function captures objects as close as 5 cm(1.97").

USB Camera Works with lots of Software, Plug and Play】applicable to Windows PCS, Macs, and Chromebooks, automatically installs drivers when the device is plugged in, compatible with Tiktok, Google Meet, Skype Microsoft Teams, Zoom, OBS, etc.

Foldable Document Camera for teachers/classroom】mbedded design, occupies a small space after folding, easy to carry; Multi-joint support with multi-angle rotate freely USB camera can capture 2D and 3D objects better and shooting high-definition images and videos. Maximum covering area: 16.5" x 116" in. (A3 paper)

USB Document Camera with adjustable image reversal】The camera that can manually adjust image reversal. In video chat or image output, the image can be freely adjusted left/right and up/down; you can also manually adjust the reversed image that appears in the device to a normal image

With Powerful Functions】The USB Camera with powerful functions:【Zoom in and Zoom out:+-】【ISO:+/-】【Fixed Focus: FF】【Auto Focus: AF】【LED ON/OFF】【Image Reversal: Left right mirror switching/up down mirror switching】【USB 2.0 HUB support USB2.0 devices,e.g.USB MIC/USB disk/USB headset】


Brand  Mirabox
Model HSV223-1500
Features Multi-joint&angle, horizontal and vertical screen free rotation
Product name Portable A3 HD USB3.0 Document Camera for teach
Resolution 3820x2160@30Hz / 1080p@30Hz / 720p@30Hz
Imaging Sensor CMOS
Camera Lens Pixel 15MP
ISO Exposure Manually adjustable
Zoom Max 4x digital zoom (1080P above resolution does not support zoom+/-)
Focus AF/FF(Stepless zoom)
Mirror switching Support 4-way switching(Left, right, up and down mirror switch)
Output USB2.0 output + power supply
Support Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Mac FaceTime, native Windows Camera application, native Chromebook Camera application and Mac QuickTime player
Warranty 1 Year / 12 Months


Packing List

USB Document Camera   *1PCS
USB cable   *1.83 M(6 FT)
User manual   *1PCS
Package size   27.7X7.8X4.8 cm
Gross weight   0.600 kg