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Stream Dock-298 is an office keyboard with 15 customizable LCD keys and computer-side software, whose highly customizable and intelligent features are designed to speed up work and free up more time for modern people. 

Everyone can easily customize keys or create macro commands through Sablute software on the ultra-slim yet durable Stream Dock-298, for work, gaming, video editing, live streaming, and more. Its ergonomically angled design and X-structure switch provides a comfortable feel and a quiet experience.

Stream Dock-298 stands out with its real-time visual feedback system, featuring 15 HD LCD customizable keys. Frequent operations on desktop PCs and laptops (such as opening frequently used software, websites, pasting, and copying) can be performed with the press of a button, the intuitive operation always keeping you one step ahead.

Research indicates that using customizable hotkeys can save significant time compared to using a mouse. Stream Dock-298 LCD key allows you to customize all hotkeys, such as one click to complete "Ctrl + Shift + F4" or "Ctrl + Shift + Home".

Supports a wide range of production and editing software, from Photoshop to Microsoft Office and Maya. Editing speed can be greatly improved by setting actions as hotkeys.

Set up and manage the keyboard through own software, and customize the functional area of the keyboard according to your needs.

Easily string operations together, assign them to a key and trigger intermittently or all at once,greatly simplified workflow.

If you set a game skill as a workflow, you can use the skill directly in the game. Command operations have been simplified, allowing for stress-free and speedy game operations.

With a single page-turning click, access 14 new function keys, signifying a significant expansion of keyboard capacity. Additionally, effortlessly enter new folders with one key, utilizing this file tree structure for versatile categorization.

Set up different scenes according to the usage habits, each scene has its own unique keyboard configuration. Switch different scenes at any time to meet the diversified needs of daily work, study, and entertainment.

The software offers excellent expandability, featuring a built-in and regularly updated collection of plugins. Additional functionalities can be added by downloading plugins from the app store and installing them directly into the software.

Ergonomically designed adjustable feet, tilt the bottom frame to find the best angle and relax hands.

X-structure switch can make the key cap stable, quick rebound response, and pressure balance. Comfortable hand feels and quiet sound feedback are the office of choice.

Designed with seven RGB backlight options, easily switch between different backlight. Bring vivid colors and fun to office life.


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