HSV892PoE HDMI extender over IP with Loopout

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Brief Introduction

HSV896 series product extend and distribute HDMI signal via IP network. This product can work not only as normal HDMI extender by CAT5/6 cable up to 120 meters, but also could transmit video data over switch, router and other Ethernet device. It can work in broadcast mode, send video data from 1 sender to 253 receivers. 
These products improve kernel technology of current low cost IP video transmission products, greatly enhance video quality and reduce latency to <100ms. These series keep higher cost-effective and suitable for most video distribution applications.
Some models also support UART / IR / Audio data transmission, these could meet customization requirement in complex applications.

► Resolution up to 1080P@60Hz
► Low latency <100ms
► Support PoE(802.3AF)power supply, improve system robustness
► HDMI loop-out on sender side
► Plug&Play in deployed LAN
► Provide CGI/SOCKET for accessing of up layer control system
► Support maxim 1 sender to 253 receivers
► External stereo audio channel (Optional)
► Bi-direction UART bypass (Optional)
► Bi-direction IR bypass (Optional)