HSV811 1080P wireless hdmi extender

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Standard Power Input 12V
Power Consumption 5W
HDMI Input Port HDMI A type Female
HDMI LoopOut Port HDMI A type Female
Cable Extender Port RJ45
Distance  antenna-to-antenna
visual range 60m~200m
Wireless Frequency 5GHz
Resolution Supported 1080p@50Hz / 1080p@60Hz / 1080p@24Hz /1080p@25Hz /1080p@30Hz
720p@50Hz / 720p@60Hz
576i@50Hz / 480p@60Hz



Wireless HDMI Extender, Transmitter and Receiver 5GHz Device with Loop-Out Support 1080P@60Hz Full HD Dual Antenna – Long Range – IR Extension Pass-Back for Computer/TV/Projector Audio Video

  • 【Compatible with various HDMI devices, signal point-to-point transmission】 This wireless HD transmitter and receiver kit can be used with many HDMI devices, including DVD, DVR, IPTV, CCTV Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, cable/satellite TV boxes and computer system. One sender cannot support multiple receivers, but multiple pairs can be used in the same space.
  • 【5G wireless transmission, support full HD 1080p @ 60Hz】The input/output resolution of the wireless HDMI extender supports 480i / 576i~1080P @ 50 / 60Hz, SVGA~WUXGA. The received image is clear and stable, colorful, high sound quality, no noise, strong anti-interference, through 5G high-frequency wireless transmission, the whole picture process is not stuck.
  • 【Without obstructions, wireless transmission 200m 660ft 】In the largest open space, the long-distance transmission is 200m/660ft, and the indoor without penetrating wall is 60m/164FT. (Note: This product cannot penetrate walls. Please do not install multiple kits at the same location, otherwise it may cause signal interference.)
  • 【Infrared remote control, plug-and-play】 Support 20-60KHZ infrared emission, implant infrared signals into wireless signals, and remotely control reachable devices (such as TVs, projectors, etc.) in the bedroom. Plug and play, the computer does not need to install drivers. Just connect this wireless transmitter to receive! Reduce the trouble and cost of installing cables and set-top boxes.
  • 【Low latency, with local loop-out function】Due to the data compression between the wireless transmitter and receiver, there is a delay/waiting time (0.3 seconds or less), which is not recommended for real-time applications, such as computer games. But the loop out is without delay and can be used for local display. Suitable for places such as churches and family meetings.