HSV5631 HDMI KVM 4K Extender +USB2.0 Hub*4 Passthrough (N-N)


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HSV5631 extend and distribute HDMI signal via Gigabit IP network, andtransmit keyboard/mouse signal from receiver side to sender side to realizereverse control. In addition, HSV5631 supports full USB2.0 port extending.Users can use all kinds of USB device such as U-disk, U-key, USB camera,USB earphone/microphone. This product can support point-to-point KVM and USB extension. Through cascaded network extension of multi-level switches, this product can extend the transmission distance of KVM and USB signals to 20 kilometers.

Highlights of this series products are support of 4K@30Hz 4:4:4 video,5.1ch/7.1ch/DTS/Dolby audio, ultra-low latency <50ms and seamless keyboard/mouse reverse control, which meet high-end customer’s requirement.


1 Resolution up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4, video no-loss
2 Ultra-low latency <50ms
3 Support keyboard/mouse extending
4 Support full USB2.0 extending
5 Support HDMI audio 2CH/5.1CH/7.1CH/DTS/Dolby format
6 Support PoE
802.3AFpower supply, improve system robustness

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