HSV325 USB Type-C HDMI Video Game Capture Card ,4K 30HZ OBS streaming


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Mirabox capture card-How to use capture card with OBS Mac setting


Mirabox capture card-How to use capture card with OBS windows setting-1



  • 【Stronger Compatibility】--This 1080P HD USB-C HDMI Video Capture Card can be compatible with all 1080P ,720P HDMI device, like PS4, PS3,Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo Switch, DVD, camera, ZOSI security camera, DSLR and set top box etc.
  • 【USB-C/Type-C Transmission Port 】--this HDMI Game Capture Card has USB-C/Type-C high Speed transmission port, specifically designed for all device with USB-C/Type-C Transmission Port like Macbook , Dell laptop ,HP laptop ,let your live broadcast to o Twitch, Youtube, OBS, Potplayer and VLC more easily.
  • 【4K@30HZ HDMI Source Input 】--This 4K@30HZ Capture Card fit for 4K@30HZ HDMI Source Input to the capture card, With 1080P HDMI Pass-through for Monitor.Support Live Stream Software OBS / PotPlayer
  • 【3.5mm Mic and Audio Input Port】--This HDMI Video Capture Dongle contains 3.5mm Microphone and Audio Input Port, you can stream your voice and record your voice by the ports. which is very usefully when you are making a game live stream , you can enjoy Full HD game or video fully, work like a charming
  • 【HDMI Local Loopout no Latency】【1920x1080p 60FPS HDMI Capture】-There is no Latency when you use the HDMI loopout port, The HD video capture card can support HDCP 1080P with 60FPS, it is very suitable to use it for game live , Compatible with windows 8/10, Linux, OS X(MAC) operating system, Good helper for local game player
  • capture card capture card

Q & A:

1. With this device, can I play in full 4k hdr on my tv and record in 1080p on my laptop?

---Yes, as long as you have hdmi cords that support 4K, it will play in 4K on your tv and record in 1080p. 

2. Does game capture have latency during capture?

---if the parameter of your computer is higher enough, it will not have latency, the hdmi pass-through does not have latency. 

3. Does the streaming capabilities of this support use with zoom video conferencing?

---Yes, you can use for the Zoom video conferencing. ALL of capture card from our store development concept, the purpose is to implement live game streaming and conference system solutions. 

4. Does this product include necessary cords/cables? if not what will i require? planning to use with xbox one, switch, and pc.

---the package will include 1*USB CABLE that you can connect with your host play with your xbox one, switch and pc.


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